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현재 제 홈페이지에 설치되어 있는 AlphaSSL Wildcard 보안인증서에 관한 내용입니다.

NGINX, APACHE 웹서버에 SSL 인증서 사서 그누보드에 설치하기

OpenSSL을 이용하여 자체 scr 파일 생성 후 SSL 설치하기

Nginx HTTPS Let's Encrypt 무료 인증서 설치하기 우분투 16.04

Nginx 소스 컴파일 설치 및 HTTPS 설정하기 우분투 16.04

위에 링크에 적용하는 방법을 적어뒀으니 참고바랍니다.


From the team that formerly managed low end SSL Provider before it was acquired by VeriSign comes AlphaSSL - a specialist entry level SSL Provider, focused on delivering and supporting cheap SSL Certificates. AlphaSSL is a result of combining years of experience in the SSL industry with a clear vision on how to best fulfill the growing demand for SSL worldwide with the lowest possible pricing - and all for highly trusted, highly supported 256 bit SSL Certificates.

Our product line is simple. Our goal is simple. Fairly priced SSL and customer service that we can be proud of.

With our staff being seasoned industry veterans in the world of SSL, we believe we offer the highest value entry level SSL at the lowest possible costs. We support all our customers via phone and email, where we're only too happy to talk you through an installation or give you tips on how to generate that CSR trouble free. It is this dedication to customer service that we believe sets us apart from our competitors. When you call us, we answer. We won't force you to complete a ticket that gets left unanswered for 24 hours or more. Because we pride ourselves in fast issuance times and easy installation, we want to make sure that you don't just receive the SSL Certificate, but you have it up and running and securing your site just as quickly too!

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